Recruitment Process

What is the BlueGlass Recruitment Process?

The BlueGlass Recruitment Process is made up of four simple steps.

  1. Apply to BlueGlass
  2. Phone Interview
  3. Technical Test & In-Person Interview
  4. BlueGlass Experience Day

BlueGlass is a small business of marketing experts and as such looks to recruit the brightest candidates who fit our culture and values; on average 1 in 50 applicants is offered a role at BlueGlass.  We recognise our interview process is not “standard” but find it leads BlueGlass to candidates who exhibit the qualities necessary to drive amazing results for our clients.


1. Applying to BlueGlass

BlueGlass receives applications through our website and job boards. We do not accept CVs submitted via recruiters as we do not pay recruiter fees so please ensure you submit your CV directly to BlueGlass if you would like to be considered.

How to Prepare

Send a cover letter explaining why the role interests you. Make sure you clarify which role you’re applying for.  Please note, due to the high volume of applicants and the level of quality expected any applications with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or extensively awkward sentence structures will not be considered.

Next Step

You will hear back from BlueGlass within 1 to 6 weeks if BlueGlass would like to book in a phone interview with you.

2. Phone Interview

If a candidate appeals to the BlueGlass team, a phone interview is coordinated.  This phone interview is the candidate’s first opportunity to:

  • explain in more detail their skill set and relevance to the role they’ve applied to
  • ask any questions about the role and working at BlueGlass
How to Prepare

You are expected to be in a quiet place for your phone interview and have provided a phone number to your interviewer.

Next Step

You are updated as to whether you move ahead to schedule a Technical Test and In-Person Interview within five business days.

3. Technical Test & In-Person Interview

Prior to an in-person interview of one hour, candidates take part in a Technical Test. The Technical Test is a candidates opportunity to show off their level of knowledge about the position they’ve applied to. For instance, an SEO Technical Test would include a question about meta data or a Digital PR Technical Test would include creating a target list.

In total, Technical Tests last between 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Every Technical Test includes a mandatory 45 minute Excel Test candidates are expected to complete to the best of their ability.

After completing the Technical Test BlueGlass welcomes candidates to the office for an in-person interview. We are quite flexible with regards to times, and can accommodate 7:30am or 6pm interviews.  The interview will entail:

  • Reviewing the candidate’s technical test
  • Traditional interview questions about the role
  • BlueGlass answering any of the candidate’s questions
How to Prepare

You are expected to be prepared for the Technical Test with:

  • an email address with access to Google Drive and fluency in how to use Google Drive
  • MS Excel for a PC (not Mac)

You are expected to be prepared for the in-person interview with:

  • physical copies of your CV
  • optionally you may bring a laptop with HD port if you’d like to share any additional data in the interview
Next Step

Candidates are updated as to wether they move ahead to partake in a BlueGlass Experience Day within ten business days.

4. BlueGlass Experience Day

If a candidate is a finalist for the role, they are invited to a BlueGlass Experience Day in which the candidate experiences what it’s like to work at BlueGlass for a day.

Benefits of the BlueGlass Experience Day include:

  • Candidate learns what it’s really like to be a part of the BlueGlass team
  • BlueGlass gains a deeper understanding of the candidate and how they could fit into the team and their level of expertise

The schedule for a BlueGlass Experience Day includes:

  • 9:00 Arrive at BlueGlass
  • 9:15 Join a Scrum with the assigned team for the day
  • 10:00 Start work on a few simple example tasks
  • 12:00 Go out to lunch with a Lunch Buddy
  • 13:30 Have a coffee with BlueGlass MD
  • 14:30 Continue with some example tasks, listen in on client calls, & attend internal strategy meetings.
  • 16:30 Say goodbye to the BlueGlass team for the day.
How to Prepare

You are not expected to prepare anything for the BlueGlass Experience Day. Just come as you are!  That said, if you can bring your own laptop this would be welcome as we do not have many extra computers laying about.

Next Step

Candidates are updated on if they will receive a job offer from BlueGlass within 5 business days.

Are you ready to apply to BlueGlass?

Check out our Careers page and apply to the position which interests you now!

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Jennifer Jackson, Digital Marketing Manager at Healthspan

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