Imagine if your content marketing just ‘worked’

Our content marketing process
We help you understand where you are, where to go & how to get there

We aim to significantly improve your sites organic performance, by building a prioritised plan to drive organic success.

SEO auditing identifying and fixing any on-site issues to maximise organic search traffic.

Keyword research and content gap analysis to identify key opportunities to capitalise upon.

Persona analysis to understand how your audience engages and converts with different topics and types
of content.

SEO consultancy digging deeper into specific technical, on-page, or link issues to improve organic performance.

Training and workshops to provide a best practice overview to educate and support in-house teams.

Creating content to make you stand out from the crowd

We will create engaging content to drive awareness from target customers and authority coverage from customers.

Insight and research - we will work with you to collect data and insights to build into our content to add credibility and appeal to the target audience.

Collaborative brainstorming - based on our analysis and strategy, we’ll get our thinking caps and work with you to provide your audience with content they love.

Creative content production - we will produce high quality content, in a variety of formats, which has high impact and is delivered within a timely campaign cycle.

Securing authority coverage and targeted traffic

Creating great content isn’t enough - our goal is to have it featured on some of the most popular sites within your vertical, generating powerful, authoritative links and engagement.

Digital PR - research, build relationships and generate coverage on authority media publishers.

Audience building - turning your visitors into regular readers, potential customers and brand advocates.

Social influencer events and outreach - promotion of campaigns to social media influencers within your industry.

Paid social and content distribution - amplifying content to audience personas, potential customers and influencers to maximise the impact of campaigns.

We closely measure success to keep improving

We align our goals with your success, we can work together in providing real value to you at a business level and use the data to make actionable improvements to future campaigns.

Revenue/business goals - demonstrating where the value is coming from and what it means to the business

Organic traffic - broken down by channel and traffic source

Market share - benchmarking competitive SEO ranking data to demonstrate the uplift in organic search visibility.

PR coverage & links - tracking and reporting on the performance of each piece of promoted content.

We’re a partner & extension of your team

We’re on the same team, we understand that we win and lose together - and to get the best results we need to continually work together to make things happen!

Dedicated team - We assign you an account pod with key specialists to combine creativity with technical problem-solving and put everything behind making you a success.

Working together - We fully encourage our team working from your offices, and invite you to join us for workshops to make sure we’re closely aligned and focused on achieving your goals.

Communication - Sharing status updates and clear project plans over weekly calls and monthly meetings, so that you are always up-to-speed with progress.

Agile approach - Our project managers run daily SCRUM meetings which means we can quickly adapt tasks based upon your feedback and priorities.

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