Case Study

The Challenge

Our client OKA is a British luxury furniture and home accessories retailer. OKA currently has 11 shops across the UK together with British, European and American websites and a catalogue business. When we started working together they sought our help to increase organic search revenue.


  1. Our goal was to increase organic search revenue by 20%
  2. We focused on achieving this by aiming to increase targeted organic traffic by 15%+
  3. Our strategy was to strengthen SEO by securing high authority publisher coverage

What We Did

    • Acquisition and retention – focusing on homeowners who are looking for interior/outdoor furniture whilst providing existing customers with information on new designs, and inspirations.
    • Worked backwards from revenue target – taking the organic search conversion rate, we determined the new search traffic levels we needed to reach.
    • We targeted search terms that would bring in a sufficient amount of traffic to meet the identified target traffic.
    • Content creation – we created a production, publish and outreach calendar for each quarter. This allowed us to have the content written, published and promoted as the seasonality started.
    • With the target keyword categories, individual keywords and landing pages we were able to improve rankings.


  1. We increased organic search revenue by 22.6% and also generated a transaction rise of 29.2%
  2. Organic search traffic grew by 17% whilst organic users increased by 21.79%
  3. Secured coverage on 33+ authority publishers, strengthening organic visibility

I find BlueGlass an extremely proactive and efficiently run team. They are a great outfit to have on board to help us achieve our overall business goals and a good fit to work with on the OKA brand.

Their strong commercial focus allows me to integrate their campaigns easily into our wider marketing strategy. The team is very imaginative, and good at conjuring up innovative ideas that have had an impressive impact on our search visibility and ultimately, revenue driven from organic search.

Jack Stevens, Ecommerce Manager, OKA Direct

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