Freelance Recruiter

BlueGlass is looking for a recruitment professional with digital experience to help manage the recruitment process, specifically the first round of phone interviews.

BlueGlass will pay on a price per phone interview basis of £25 for a guaranteed minimum of 8 calls per month.  This includes:

  1. Receive contact details of candidates BlueGlass is interested to interview
  2. Utilise your BlueGlass email address to organise phone call time with candidate (email templates provided) and cc in relevant BlueGlassers
  3. Send calendar invites to candidate with call details
  4. During the call
    1. Take notes regarding call in the BlueGlass template document – incorporate genuine insight about the applicant.
    2. Follow script provided with questions asked
    3. Screen successful candidates on the phone for a minimum of 20 minutes
  5. Save notes in correct Google Docs folder regarding candidate
  6. Send link to note document to relevant BlueGlassers along with recommendation on if we move ahead with an in-person interview

Requirements include:

  • Acting as a welcoming voice with lovely tone to introduce people to BlueGlass
  • Understand what BlueGlass stands for and explain our culture to others
  • Experience at detecting irrelevant candidates or those with good talk but less substance
  • The purpose of this role is to save time for BlueGlassers currently involved in the recruitment process, so it will be very important to only send through only relevant candidates.
  • Fluency in using Google Docs in essential

Application Process for this role:

  • Unlike other roles, this recruitment process will simply include a “mock call” between BlueGlass and the freelance recruitment professional for a position advertise on our website. The script will be provided before hand.
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