15 best content marketing books

We started a monthly book club at BlueGlass earlier this year, to build upon our office library, where anyone can buy a book they would like to read and share with the team once they’ve read it.


This has been a great way to embrace one of our core values of learning. Every new starter in our team gets a Kindle, and once a month we decide on a book to read as a group…

Here’s an example of our lunch and learn notes after reading The One Thing, back in March:


Based upon this and the favourites picked from our team, we have built a recommended reading list of books for content marketers:

  1. Epic Content Marketing — excellent overview on the importance of content marketing by Joe Pulizzi.
  2. Creativity, Inc — fascinating insight from Ed Catmull into how Pixar’s story-telling and the brain trust which quality controls and ensures that each movie can be a big hit.
  3. Delivering Happiness — content is often about working together as a team and with your client. You can learn a lot from the fantastic customer service model and culture at Zappos, which is key when trying to get deliver happiness for customers and teams.
  4. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion — make every conversation and email count, so that you can get your message across in the most powerful way.
  5. The One Thing— the power of focus is so important, no-one can do it all.
  6. Start With Why — it’s so easy to get carried away with cool ideas, but going back to WHY, can help you to make sure your ideas are focused on the messages people really want to hear.
  7. Information is Beautiful — visualise data in a powerful way to get your information across.
  8. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – sometimes you need to build up to the big blow, Gary Vankerchuk is the expert at this to make sure your content connects with a bang.
  9. Everybody Writes – make your content writing as impactful as possible.
  10. Thinking Fast and Slow – understanding how people make choices is crucial in order to create content which resonates with them.
  11. Purple Cow – if you want to stand out from the crowd, there’s no better advice to take than Seth Godin’s on how to be remarkable.
  12. Content Strategy for the Web – very detailed overview on how to create content that assists your customers through their user journey.
  13. The War of Art – really good read that can help inspire you into creativity.
  14. 1 + 1= 3 – Dave Trott has a fantastic way of thinking and storytelling, you’ll learn a ton and laugh a lot!
  15. Made to Stick – an old one, but a classic – without great ideas, content marketing is never going to succeed in the way that it could.

Let us know what your favourite content marketing book is…

Kevin Gibbons is UK managing director of BlueGlass – he has been involved in digital marketing since 2003 and frequently speaks/writes at industry leading events and publications. Connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

by Kevin Gibbons

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