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Over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of different information and numerous statements about BlueGlass in the US and I wanted to clear up any confusion about BlueGlass UK.

Background on BlueGlass UK/US Relationship

To be clear, I am neither a shareholder of BlueGlass US or an employee. BlueGlass Interactive Inc has an equity stake within our organisation, a stake which reverts to us in the case of liquidation of the US company.

In the UK we license the right to operate under the BlueGlass brand, we collaborate on strategies/advice/knowledge and share the things that make sense to consolidate, such as software and marketing material, but we have always operated as separate entities.This means that BlueGlass UK are an independent company and are unaffected by any US financial implications.

My focus has always been to protect our UK operations and to offer support in any way I could to BlueGlass US in finding a positive solution.

In an effort to prevent the liquidation of a company which was producing great results for its customers and employed a fantastic team of staff – and because we wanted to help save what had become a terrific brand – the UK directors proposed a rescue plan to save both BlueGlass US and the BlueGlassX conference (in which any profits would cover the backlog of US payroll). This included lining up an interim CEO and CFO – both with outstanding CV’s and experience of similar situations several times before.

Towards the end of last week, the rescue plan was voted upon and rejected, with a new board of directors put in place. This means I can only really comment on BlueGlass UK, as my main focus and priority is our own staff, clients and protecting the brand in order to allow us to move forward.

Change in website and email addresses

Unfortunately, over the weekend our UK website has been taken down ( and email access has been turned off. Anyone trying to contact us should use [person] rather than the old .com version. If you’ve sent any of us emails during the last few days, please re-send to the new address. We can only apologise for the inconvenience that this will inevitably create, and thanks to all of those who have stuck with us.

We have also moved website to – please bear with us while we tidy it up, I realise there’s a few issues that need fixing right now!

New direction for BlueGlass UK

As frustrating as the US situation has been for all involved, despite all this, BlueGlass is a brand I still feel very attached to. My team and I have thrown ourselves wholeheartedly into  marketing the BlueGlass brand in the UK, since we teamed up with them in November, and are proud of what we have achieved. BlueGlass UK has been making huge strides forward over recent months:

  • We’ve won new clients and are working with some very exciting and well known brands
  • We have brought in some great new talent into our team and doubled our team size since launching as BlueGlass in November
  • We’re on the search for a new office after outgrowing the larger space we’ve moved into towards the end of last year
  • Plus we have strengthened our multilingual, content production and outreach capabilities and resource significantly to allow us to provide and scale a stronger than ever digital marketing offering to our clients

We’re looking to continue our steady growth plans, we have some exciting announcements coming up and the BlueGlass Interactive brand is still very much alive – we have a great team in London, as do BlueGlass EMEA in Zurich, Switzerland.

I’ve always believed, since starting my first agency in 2006, that businesses should be built up based on the reputation and brand trust you’ve earned. This means primarily getting great results for clients – and also treating yourself as a client so that you can practice what you preach when it comes to blogging, speaking at leading industry events and contributing within the community to build trust and relationships. It’s the organic vs paid approach in many ways!

This is one of the main reasons we have been so determined to continue to support the BlueGlass brand, as it’s a vision we’ve fully believed in and means a lot to us. We have stayed true to this throughout and have received a great response to BlueGlass in the UK since our launch. So it was never something we were going to give up on.

For the UK and Europe teams, it really is business as usual. This remains our primary focus. To all of those who are negatively affected, we are sorry that we were unable to make the difference that we had hoped, and wish you luck in finding successful alternatives. We remain committed to trying to offer support to those affected by the situation in the US and will do our best to help anyone affected to find alternative solutions.

To all of those who have stood by us (the amount of encouragement, emails, phone calls and text messages I’ve received personally have been incredible) this is greatly appreciated and hasn’t gone unnoticed, thank you. Myself and Chelsea are both speaking at SMX London next week, so hope to see some of you there!

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