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avatar Matt Tidby 2 months ago

The Art of War is believed to have been written around 2,500 years ago by Sun Tzu, a high-ranking Chinese military general. A concise bible for military strategy, its thirteen chapters designate key concepts and challenges that must be understood to achieve ultimate military victory, quickly and efficiently. The guidance in The Art of War […]

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The marble copy of Michelangelo's David in the Piazza della Signoria, in Florence, Italy.
avatar Kevin Gibbons 3 months ago

I recently spent a long weekend in Rome. While I was there, I was surrounded by art, by masterpieces. Creativity was everywhere. From the painters I walked by in the promenade, to the Sistine Chapel and Coliseum, to the artful way dishes are put together. You could tell everything was created with such passion, precision, […]

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avatar Raphael Bienz 5 months ago

Goodbye web search – we will miss you! Google has implemented a new logo. This was last week’s breaking news online. The new look – I’ll leave judgement of its appeal to graphics and design experts – is only half the story. For me, the far more relevant implication of the simple “G” with its 4 colourful […]

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avatar Anna-Lena Müller 8 months ago

Optimising your app for the app store? BlueGlass’ Anna-Lena Müller explains the building blocks of app store optimisation (ASO) components and the differences between the Apple and Google Play Store.  App store optimisation (ASO) is a subset of app marketing which has long been underestimated and disregarded. Quite rightly, today it’s growing in popularity, because it’s all […]

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avatar Irma Hunkeler 8 months ago

These outreach approaches and handy tools will help you: save time at work establish valuable industry connections get your placements on high-profile websites I landed my job at BlueGlass thanks to outreach. I was an outreacher and I didn’t even know it. I always wanted to work for the company, but back then they weren’t […]

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avatar Kevin Gibbons 8 months ago

We’re delighted to announce that BlueGlass is opening a new office in Tallinn, Estonia. This expands our content marketing service offering across Europe, specifically strengthening our capabilities in WordPress design and development. A common challenge for brands is in combining user experience with SEO and content marketing. Being able to offer UX and WordPress design/development […]

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avatar Kevin Gibbons 10 months ago

I find the challenge with local search marketing is that you need to put yourself into the shoes of the local business in order to really focus on what is best for their business. You have to consider any issues and constraints of a small business, the importance of measuring around real world goals and […]

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avatar Claudia Donia 12 months ago

Last week, BlueGlass London and BlueGlass Zurich spent an exciting weekend together in Switzerland for the BlueGlass Winter Summit 2015. We had a brilliant time walking around the lovely Zurich, eating delicious food, enjoying the local wine/beer, spending time together and trying to not cause any avalanches on the slopes! (A beautiful view of Zurich […]

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avatar Kevin Gibbons 1 year ago

To celebrate the start of 2015, we’ve decided to take a winter ski long weekend for an exclusive group of 20 digital marketing professionals to join us and enjoy some fun on the slopes in the Swiss Alps! * Please note we are only able to offer this to a limited number of people on […]

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avatar Russell McAthy 1 year ago

What I want you to think about is why we write content and why businesses should be prioritising it. Content marketing has grown within the digital sphere over the past few years in both the amount of business requirement and the acceptance of its value. Unfortunately, value is often perceived and doesn’t actually correlate with […]

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