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Irma Hunkeler is a marketing graduate and works for Blueglass UK and is responsible for outreach and link building.

How to Find 50+ Email Addresses for Your Next Outreach Campaign

These outreach approaches and handy tools will help you:

save time at work
establish valuable industry connections
get your placements on high-profile websites

I landed my job at BlueGlass thanks to outreach. I was an outreacher and I didn’t even know it. I always wanted to work for the company, but back then they weren’t advertising any open positions.

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The Secret to Building the Best Local Search Profile

There’s a world of opportunities for every business to have its local online presence stand out from the crowd. That requires thinking differently, so I’m going to share some great examples and little known secrets to show you how brands can maximise their success at a local level.

Google My Business was recently revamped and is

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31 Intro Tips: The In-House Guide To Digital PR

It’s important to connect your brand with appropriate bloggers and other influencers. Why? Because these digital influencers are an accessible touch point between you and your target market, websites and blogs are a great way to present products or services to the online community.
For in-house marketers, I’ve put together a few learnings and tips which I think will help you make the most of your digital PR potential, in the realm of bloggers.

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Content Marketing Show – 187 Key Takeaways

With more than 1000 SEOs, content marketers and in-house digital marketers in attendance the content marketing show on Friday the 31st of May was a sell-out.  It brought together some of the top people within the industry to share their experiences and knowledge of content marketing.
The Sir Alex Ferguson’s way of Building the Best (Content) Team
Danny Denhard, VoucherCodes.co.uk

1. The team is the most important part when you’re picking content.
2. It is all about picking and having the right qualities.
3. You need a good goalkeeper in your team that is safe, has attention to detail, has great agility and protects the project.
4. You need a centre back in your team that communicates and leads the team from the front.
5. You need a Midfield workhorse in your team to do the ugly thing, to work for the team and get the best results out of you and your team.
6. You need an attacking midfield, the creative part of the team, who creates a system and communicates with people and drive the team forward in their own style.
7. You need at least one striker for every project, the PR and social media people.  These will go and get you the results that you need.
8. If you don’t have a natural born leader in your team you’re going to struggle to get the right results.
9. Know when to make substitutions in order to keep it fresh and to get the best out of your people.
10. You need a substitution bench with reliable people.
11. Squad rotation helps to keep it fresh.
12. Make the project last until the final whistle – add an extra 79 seconds to every game to score!
13. You should always overachieve.
14. Concentrate on the things you want to win.
15. Concentrate on the things that are important to you.
16. Be part of the bigger picture!
17. Build a brand and your team for the bigger picture
18. Build the best team for each content project.
19. It is really important that everyone knows their goals.
20. The best players in the world don’t always work well together
21. Pick the right attributes however large or small you team is.
22. There always needs to be a leader.
23. Not all players can play every game – rest people wisely and swap them when necessary

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